These maps are used in the Ladder Editor, when opening or creating a new Ladder Diagram, or in the CAN Variables tab of an existing Ladder File.

It is important to note that you will find the available variables in the CAN Variables tab of the Ladder Editor. If the variable you are looking for is not there and you feel it should be, please send us an email at so we can research it.

Additionally, these maps may be used on other bikes but are we pulled from the referenced bike. For example, the R1200GS map can be used on an f850GS or R1250GS but some variables may be missing or need updating.

BMW S1000XR [K49] v1.scm

BMW RnineT [K21] v1.scm

BMW R1200R(S) [K52 K54] v1.scm

BMW R1200GS(A) [K25 K26] v2.scm

BMW R1200GS(A) [K50 K51] v3.scm

BMW R1200GS(A) [K50 K51] v4.scm - The most updated map for the R1200GS(A).

BMW R1250GS(A) [K50 K51] v1.scm - Map for the new R1250GS(A).

BMW F800GS(A) [K72 K75] v1.scm

BMW f850GS [K80 K81] v1.scm - This map needs the brake lights to be updated. We expect this to be updated in just a couple of days.

BMW f850GS [K80 K81] v2.scm - Version 2 includes updates to map the front brake. Rear break will be mapped in a couple of days.