What is CANSwitch?

CANSwitch lets you control your electrical accessories without having to install additional switches for them, or having to splice into your motorcycle's wiring harness and thereby losing your warrantee. You can connect up to 8 accessories (auxiliary lights, additional brakelights, gate/garage remote transmitters, USB chargers, etc). For example, you can make the gate remote transmitter operate when you briefly press the ABS button, or control the brightness of additional spot lights with your navigator scroll wheel.

Why CANSwitch?

*Safety. Motorcycling is inherently more risky than travelling by car, due to reduced visiblity. Increasing your visibility reduces your risk of an accident due to the inattentiveness of other road users. With CANSwitch you can add additional lights (front and rear) and have CANSwitch automatically control them under various circumstances, to increase your visibility.
*Convenience. Don't fumble around for your remote transmitter to open your gate or garage. Let CANSwitch turn it on when approach, for example by pressing the ABS button briefly.

Is it easy to install?

Yes! You do not need to splice into any of your motorcycle's existing wires. Simply connect it to your battery, and plug it into the CAN bus. All your accessories are connected directly to the CANSwitch, and not to your motorcycle's wires. Download the wiring diagrams from the downloads page.

What makes CANSwitch different from others?

Some of CANSwitch's outstanding features:
* Connect up to 8 accessories.
* Connect up to 2 additional switches for older motorcycle models.
* Use your phone to select the brightness levels of your additional spotlights for various situations (high beam, low beam flashing, etc).
* Customise CANSwitch even more with industry standard ladder logic programs

Can it control my accessory?

CANSwitch can control any accessory, provided it is designed to run from the standarrd 12V motorcycle battery and all the accessories do not draw more than a total of 20A.