December Update

We are getting much closer! Here is a basic update on where we are right now.

There are 3 primary parts to the build and 3 assembly parts...


  1. Computer board 

  2. wiring harness 

  3. case


  1. Loading/Testing software 

  2. building unit

  3. packaging

Computer board is delayed by one key component. We could have used an inferior component to get it sooner, but we choose to wait it out and sell a better product. The component is set to arrive on Dec 7, then they will complete the computer board and ship it out to us.

Wiring harness is delayed through Dec 6, due to holiday delays.

Case Originally they were backed up until February. We worked with them and figured out a way for them to get us the cases by the end of December.

Loading/Testing should be very straight forward once we receive the board. If all goes well on testing, we can begin preparing orders.

Building the unit takes 1-2 days. This is just assembly of the board into the case then connecting the wires.

Packaging has been ordered, it should arrive well before everything else arrives. Once packaged, we can label and send out.

All said and done, we hope to start shipping out orders right after the new year. We’ll keep you updates with more as we have it!